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Please enter the URL of a WFS or WMS "GetCapabilities" request.

Examples: WFS - Web Feature Service

A Web Feature Service provides data about features that can be drawn onto a map, plus maybe other data about each feature.

Examples: WMS - Web Mapping Service

A Web Mapping Service provides images of a dataset to overlay on top of other maps.

About this service

This service was created as a mini-project at the 2016 Research Festival of the Web and Internet Science Research Group at the University of Southampton. It is provided as-is and has no formal support model. The code is available at Github.

You are encouraged to deep link to this service to help people explore specific services.

There are still many features we could add. This service rather assumes UK map projections (27700) and has a number of fiddles and compromises to make certain services work (some spit out invalid XML!).

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